Wholesale Products & Services

Griffith Feed & Grain specialises in bulk sales of water treatment, cleaning and rodent control products for commercial businesses.

We are also able to provide advice and documentation to assist with meeting Food Safety Standards.

Contact us today to see how we can support your business needs.

Sales Manager Chris Hillman on M: 0417 758 321 or E: chris.hillman@dbgroup.com.au

Store T: (02) 6962 7575

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Water Treatment

Griffith Feed & Grain stock a range of cleaning and sanitisation solutions for any cleaning requirement for a broad range of industries from poultry through to citrus.

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Cleaning Products

Griffith Feed & Grain offer a number of Integra products suitable for sanitation and cleaning of food grade surfaces and are highly suitable for all industries.

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Rodent Control

Griffith Feed & Grain are proud to provide high quality rodent baiting systems, consisting of a range of rodent baits and baiting stations. Most competitively priced in the district, backed up with excellent service, we currently provide these systems into intensive agricultural systems in the area, ranging from large commercial chicken farms, to commercial fruit packing sheds.

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