Twin Oxide

Twin Oxide is an excellent cleaning & sanitation product, using the active ingredient “chlorine dioxide”. Chlorine Dioxide, is not to be confused with chlorine. These two products operate in a vastly different manner, with chlorine dioxide being an extremely efficient biocidal product.

Twin Oxide is in use by a number of different industries in the Riverina, from the poultry industry, being used to clean water (which it is capable of doing for human consumption drinking water also), to the cleaning and sanitation of fruits and vegetables in the fresh fruit production industry.

Benefits of Twin Oxide

  • Extremely versatile and safe

  • Most powerful oxidising agent, other than Ozone, which is extremely difficult to use

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Kosher, Halaal & OMRI Certified

  • Very easy to use, maintenance free solution by Griffith Feed & Grain, utilising trained technicians to operate & maintain the system, free of charge!

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