Ratshot® rodent baits are a high-quality product and are available in a number of different formulations and sizes to suit all scenarios.

Griffith Feed & Grain are able to advise you in order to maximise the effectiveness on the kill of target species, whilst minimising risk on non target species, whilst being done in a cost effective manner.

Ratshot® rodent bait stations are lockable and easily mounted, meaning they will meet QA standards. Due to the fact that these rodent baiting stations are also lockable, means that young children, or pets, will not be able to access baits, increasing product safety.


Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum

Most powerful active available.

Provides genuine one-feed killing power.

Ideal for use in commercial scenarios, or to provide a knockdown every 12 months, around June when using the Difenacoum as the regular active ingredient.


Active Ingredient: Difenacoum

Very powerful active ingredient.

Requires relatively low amounts of concentration for effective eradication of rats & mice.

Ideal for use in residential scenarios, or location where pets are likely to be present, as well as industrial. This is due to the fact that Difenacoum is a safer option for pets. Difenacoum requires an accumulative build-up of product similar to the weight of the animal to become lethal.